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In partnership with Nomad8 we are excited to offer LAP certification and services

About LAP

What is Lean-Agile Procurement?

Lean-Agile Procurement is an agile approach to manage complex sourcing projects. Many people still use written RfP processes, but for complex projects, a written RfP does not handle complexity well. Lean-Agile Procurement is a faster, more engaging and fun approach to sourcing. The time to select a partner is reduced, the most important customer problems are solved first, customer-supplier collaboration is encouraged, and the risk of selecting the wrong partner is minimised.

How can I learn more about Lean-Agile Procurement?

You can download our Guide to Lean-Agile Procurement, which we have authored with Anthony Boobier of Nomad8. 

How do I become LAP-certified?

You can attend one of our LAP certification workshops. We offer:

  • Public 2-day LAP1 workshops. Our next workshop is on June 18 and 19 2024 in Wellington. To register, please complete the webform on this page 
  • Private (in-house) 2-day LAP1 workshops

Does Esby & Co provide LAP services?

Yes Esby & Co has a team of LAP-1 Certified Practitioners who are experienced commercial and procurement practitioners in the public and private sectors. We lead complex sourcing projects for our clients using a range of tools and approaches, including Lean-Agile Procurement. We work with our clients to lead the project from business strategy through to procurement strategy, sourcing and selection of your preferred partner(s) or supplier(s). 

Clients often engage Esby & Co to deliver their sourcing projects using LAP because we have an immense amount of experience in complex sourcing projects in a wide range of sectors such as technology, financial services, energy and construction.

If it is your preference to lead the sourcing activity, we also offer half-day group workshops to help you and your team understand LAP fundamentals before embarking on LAP for your project or organisation.  There are three options for a half-day LAP workshop:

  • For ‘buyers’: LAP Fundamentals (LAP0) – plan your sourcing project using LAP
  • For ‘buyers’: Plan and Prepare for your Big Room Workshop event 
  • For ‘suppliers’: Plan and Prepare for your Big Room Workshop event

When will the next public LAP1 Certification workshop be?

Our next 2-day Public LAP Workshop is scheduled for June 18 and 19 in Wellington.  

Who leads the certification workshop?

The 2-day in-person workshops are led by Ant Boobier, New Zealand’s only LAP Certified Coach, and Sarah Blackie, CEO, Esby & Co. Ant and Sarah have supported and trained a number of organisations on Lean-Agile Procurement. Part of the training includes sharing these experiences as well as global case studies and lessons learned.   

How do I register my interest?

Register your interest by completing the form on this page. Our workshop is filling up so don’t sit back and wait! LAP1 Workshop fees are $2,480 ex gst per person. Please note there is a small surcharge if you wish to pay by credit card/p-card.

Is Lean-Agile Procurement for me?

Perhaps you are an executive, a procurement manager, an account manager or a project manager. Our workshops are designed for an interdisciplinary audience. If you’d like to learn and apply a faster, more engaging and effective approach to sourcing, LAP is for you. LAP has been applied successfully by private and public organisations all over the world. 

You can read more about LAP at the LAP Alliance website here.

Where can I find out more?

Email us to learn more:

Explore the benefits and case studies of Lean Agile Procurement on the official website.


Register for LAP1 Certification Training

If 'Yes' and you register by 24 December, you will qualify for a 10% discount. Please provide your World CC membership number?/ID in the questions field below.