How we can help you

We provide services to help you design better commercial partnerships and procurement experiences

Insights and Strategy

Our people have extensive experience developing and delivering world-class commercial and procurement strategies for global businesses, start-ups and public sector clients. We bring together the right people and data to generate insights and action. Our team of polymaths has delivered hundreds of commercial and procurement strategies and projects. We have contributed to many challenging and inspiring discussions in the Board room, with senior management and between organisations. We recognise that nothing worth doing is ever easy and we love helping our clients achieve great things. We’ll help you get better work stories and have some fun along the way.  

We provide the following services:

  • Commercial and Procurement Strategy 
  • Commercial and Procurement Project Delivery
  • Social and Sustainable Procurement Coaching and Advisory
  • Procurement Operating Model and Service Design 
  • Design Sprint Facilitation
  • Lean Agile Procurement Coaching 
  • Procurement Technology Evaluation and Adoption  

Change Enablement

Our human-centred change approaches provide our clients with the positive and incremental shifts they need to move mountains. Some people might call this ‘change management,’ but we feel traditional change management practices are often overcooked, siloed and ineffectual. You’ve noticed this too? At Esby & Co, we support change through lean change approaches – by your people, for your people. Our lean change approaches won’t ‘manage’ your people, instead, they will inspire contribution and momentum.  

Learning and Development Programmes

Your people are your greatest asset. How your people manage their internal and external relationships has a significant impact on your organisation’s reputation and ability to deliver results.

Esby & Co. offers masterclasses and workshops to support the development of your people, including in:

Commercial Relationship Health Checks and Advisory

All organisations have commercial relationships that are critical to their success. How strong are your relationships with key customers and suppliers? How do they perceive you? What’s holding you back? Do you have a strategy for mutual success and world domination?

We love helping our clients to solve these challenges. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.

We provide:

  • Commercial Relationship Health Checks
  • Relationship Growth Plans and Advisory
  • Negotiation Services

Why choose us

  • Our team has national and international experience navigating complex commercial relationships, negotiations and procurement projects.
  • We are a team of polymaths with a deep pool of expertise across multiple domains, including commercial, strategy, procurement, design thinking, change management, technology, sustainability and social procurement.
  • We are accustomed to working with people from different cultures and with different expertise. We understand the challenges that come with competing commercial and stakeholder interests.
  • We think strategically and solve challenging commercial and procurement problems for a wide range of clientele in the public and private sectors.
  • We understand the New Zealand Government Procurement Rules.
  • We are a team player. Our clients recognize that collaboration with us is key to solving their challenges. When we understand what you need, we crystalise the ‘bigger picture’ and support you to achieve your definition of success.
  • We use plain language. We ask challenging questions. We get results for you.