About us

We help you design better commercial partnerships and procurement experiences

What we do

We propel the global success of our clients by developing leading commercial strategies, procurement strategies, relationships and teams. We are on a mission to design better commercial partnerships and procurement experiences for a better world

Esby & Co was established in 2019. We reshape how people engage with their customers, suppliers and the ecosystem in which they operate. We are building a team of trusted and influential advisors doing bigger and better things to support our clients in Australasia and beyond.

Esby & Co enables positive change. We do this by taking a collaborative approach, helping people to understand others’ perspectives and inspiring them to act.

How we work

Engaging is who we are

We use passion, positivity and inspiration to bring fun to our work. We bring a renewed sense of purpose to organisations by curating creativity, fresh thinking, and optimism.

Simplicity is our aim

It’s time to cut the procurement-ese and complexity where its not adding value. We help you simplify how you do things to create meaningful value, happier people and experiences.

Change is what we enable

Lasting change happens at the intersection of people and purpose. We help you build alignment and understanding, providing the support you need for forward momentum.

Why we do it

No person is an island. We achieve 10x more when we work successfully with others. When human relationships thrive, our business relationships flourish beyond expectations and that’s when we get to create amazing things that drastically improve the world that we live in. And that’s what gets us up in the morning. We love equipping people and teams with what they need to design better commercial partnerships and procurement experiences.

We love working with execs and teams on strategy and complex commercial relationships to achieve their definition of success.

Sarah Blackie, CEO

Our Values

Open-minds: We believe most people bring good intent to their work. We treasure opportunities to learn from a variety of perspectives and creative thinking. We encourage our clients to do the same. 


People-first: We believe that great things happen when we take the time to connect and collaborate. We listen to and care about our clients and their partners. We use plain language to help people feel included and understood.


Challenge: We respectfully challenge the status quo where we believe there are better ways to achieve what our clients need. Our clients know us for this, and as we challenge each other, our mutual trust grows.

Business for good: We want our businesses and communities to prosper. People and businesses should be rewarded for their hard work, good ideas and successes. We also believe there is always more that organisations can do to help our economy, our environment and our society to prosper.

Our history

Esby & Co was established by Sarah Blackie in 2019.

Sarah founded Esby & Co after 15+ years of managing commercial relationships, negotiations and teams.

Sarah has led and advised organisations in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA and served as a Board Director for two New Zealand businesses with a global footprint. Prior to forming Esby & Co, Sarah created and led Xero’s global commercial and procurement function. She is an award-winning advisor, with 15+ years global experience in technology, energy, financial and infrastructure sectors.

In 2022, Esby & Co was rebranded from its previous name “Esby.” Esby & Co is a growing community of experts and together we are doing bigger and better things to better serve our clients and our purpose. We can’t wait to work with you.